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Come visit! we're located at 250 Napoleon Street, sf, ca 94124
Our warehouse is OPEN every day!

hours: sunday thru wednesday 12pm-5pm
thursday & friday 9am-7pm
saturday 9am-5pm
(closed major holidays)

SFRAW has staff available 7-days a week to gladly provide personalized attention
to our members, and knowledgeable and friendly guidance to walk-ins!
We recommend that you come visit us to get started.

Alternatively, you may choose to book an appointment to meet with
our founder, Kasie Maxwell, for nutritional consultations and non-veterinary advice.
For veterinary assistance, we recommend that you book an appointment to meet with
our veterinarian, Dr. Barbara Fishelson, who sees patients at SFRAW and does house-calls.

find us on: our blog * facebook * twitter * yelp