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SFRAW Member Responsibility: Checklist

Join our Yahoo Groups list and read/pay attention to emailed information.
READ, sign and submit our member forms.
Volunteer *at least* 8-hours per calendar year (within our guidelines).
Place your order carefully during the order period for your pick-up location; all sales are final.
Do not fail to pick-up your order - on time!
Learn and follow the site rules for your pick-up location.
Ensure your order is accurate before leaving the pick-up site.
Pay any outstanding balances within 60 days.

SFRAW Member Code of Conduct

SFRAW is a community/volunteer run buyer's group, not a pet food service. Every member is expected to contribute and remain personally responsible for their orders and participation with the group. To that end, all SFRAW (San Francisco Raw Feeders) members must agree to and follow the below member code of conduct:

1) VOLUNTEER: If you would like to place an order with SFRAW, you must volunteer at least 8-hours per calendar year (Jan-Dec.). Existing active members must complete 3-hrs. of their volunteer work by the end of Sept. New members must complete their volunteer job first before placing an order with the group - no exceptions*.

2) PICK-UP: Always be on time and follow the site rules for your pick-up location. All members must place advance orders through the sfraw.com website during the open order period(s) and then pick-up their order(s) at the specified pick-up location(s), on the pick-up date(s), and during specific pick-up hours listed. Starting a month in advance - your order is reviewed/calculated and complied into individual wholesale orders with our different suppliers, paid for, confirmed in advance, delivered/received, stored, organized, sorted, wrapped/labeled, handled/moved (usually more than once), loaded, printed/copied, delivered, unloaded, organized again, and reserved for you specifically. Many hours of very hard work goes into getting your order together for you to pick-up. If you fail to retrieve your order at this specific time/date/location, you agree to forfeit your order in full without reimbursement or a refund.

3) STAY CURRENT: Pay any money requests sent to you via PayPal or outstanding balance notices within 60 days. Keep current with notices and announcements made through the Yahoo Groups list; we do not contact people individually as a rule. Nearly all communication is made through the Yahoo Groups site, so make sure you are reading these messages regularly.

Non-Compliance and Membership Suspension/Cancellation: If a member has ordered, but not yet volunteered by the end of Sept., their membership will be suspended without notice or additional reminders. All order(s) placed by such non-compliant members will be cancelled/refunded until a volunteer job has been actually completed. After completing a volunteer job in full, these members can start placing orders again. Members that fail to pick-up their order(s) at the specified pick-up location(s), on the pick-up date(s), and during specific pick-up hours listed more than once per year or once per every four (4) orders placed will have their membership suspended indefinitely/cancelled. Members that do not pay outstanding balances within 60 days will have their membership suspended until the balance is paid in full.

* Licensed CA veterinarians that promote raw feeding and members that join at the Non-Volunteer Membership level are exempt from fulfilling the annual volunteer requirement.